Another great cyclist blogger – and diabetic

You’ve read about my diabetes here on JustAnotherCyclist a couple of times.  I’ve even claimed to not write about my diabetes much on this blog (as I write about diabetes on this blog – yet again!)  Nonetheless, it is a huge part of my life by necessity.  So it was with some interesting that I happened across another cyclist and diabetic – and blogger.

I have to admit that the title alone got my attention – Pedal Pumper.  A blog by a diabetic cyclist that uses an insulin pump? Well that’s just brilliant.

Photo via Pedal Pumper

It was especially poignant to see him speaking about his OmniPod and Dexcom – two devices that were instrumental in my own diabetes management.  This all came about at a time when health insurance and health care costs were at the forefront of my mind.  I had changed insurance after changing jobs, and found myself without one of the devices at all (the Dexcom) and forced to change pumps away from the OmniPod – as Kaiser doesn’t list the OmniPod in their formulary of supported equipment.

If nothing else it was reassuring to know that there was someone else out there in my situation that arrived at the same solution.  It justified the efforts and expense that I am going through to get back to the solution that worked for me.  Changing health insurance 3 times in 4 months is no easy task for someone with a chronic illness to manage.  It is easy for doctors to tell me that they know what devices will help me best.  It is frustrating to realize that those doctor recommendations are based mostly on financial concerns.  It is even more frustrating to have someone tell me what will work best on the bike, when they are neither diabetics nor cyclists.

And finding another great cycling blog – well, that was just icing on the cake.  You can bet that Pedal Pumper is now on my list of blogs to watch.