Free hosting of WordPress cycling blogs

JustAnotherCyclist is please to announce that we will be continuing the tradition started by That’s right, we’re reintroducing the availability of free WordPress hosting for cycling related blogs. Share your passion for cycling with other like-minded folks. Let JustAnotherCyclist worry about the technical details while you focus on what is important – writing interesting stories about your cycling life.

As a JustAnotherCyclist blogger, you have the opportunity to choose the name for your blog, which will show up in your custom URL.  This custom URL can be in either the or domains. That means or (or even both!) are possible.

If you already have an existing blog, you can easily import your current content to the VeloReviews site from most major blog software.  And you can get help with any of the pesky technical details that come from doing this.

There are currently three levels of blog hosting here at JustAnotherCyclist:

Peloton Level
100% free! All you need to do is start writing!

  • Full control over your content – your stories are yours.
  • Upload images, videos and more along with your articles
  • An excerpt of your posts will be automatically shared to the VeloReviews news feed, along with other great content. This automatically gets you even more exposure for your posts!


Domestique Level
Join the JustAnotherCyclist team as a staff writer

  • Submit stories for consideration on or  Approved stories will be featured on the main pages and shared around the internet. The perfect option for occasional writers who aren’t interested in running their own blog.

Team Car Level
Already run a blog hosted elsewhere, but want VeloReviews to help promote it? It is a snap! We can set up sharing based on your current blog’s RSS feed and share an excerpt automatically every time you post a new story. All the links will point back to your own blog. It is the perfect way to gain exposure for your existing cycling blog with almost no effort on your part. Get your content in front of all of the VeloReviews readers!

 Due to the selective nature of this service, online setup is not currently available. To get started on the path to one of the options above, simply email me and I’ll be in touch with you shortly to get you started.