Standard Medical Legal Mumbo Jumbo

I am not a doctor. I have never been a doctor. I have no intentions of every becoming a doctor. I’ve never played a doctor on TV. I’ve never even dressed up as a doctor for halloween.

I am, however, a Type 1 diabetic. That means that in order to stay alive I have to engage in medical decisions on my own on a daily basis. Many of my decisions are based on over a quarter century of talking to other doctors about diabetes management in the context of my own, individualized treatment. Some are a result of nothing more than a trial and error approach to finding out what works for me.

I am also a writer. I am a blogger – a strange hybrid between diarist and journalist.

When you put all those together, it is inevitable that I will sometimes write things about what I do to help manage my diabetes. I want to be clear here – I’m writing about what I do to help manage my diabetes. It in no way is intended to imply what that you should do anything that I do?

If you do take something away from the things I express about my diabetes management, it should be nothing more than an idea to discuss with your doctor. It is not a suggestion, just a retelling of what happened to work for one person… me.

Do not make any medical decisions based on what you read here, or in any other blog, or on the internet frankly.