Cycling Shimanami Kaido

Back in January got an email that read in part “During my last trip to Japan I rented a bicycle and cycled 160 kilometers across 6 beautiful islands in 2 days.” The route in question was Shimanami Kaido, which by many accounts is one of the “world’s most incredible bike tours.”

Not only that – there was video!

The video was made by traveler Jacob Laukaitis. I contacted him via email with a few questions:

JustAnotherCyclist: Why did you decided to do this? Was it a whim, or are you a long time cyclists.
Jacob Laukaitis: I’ve heard that this route (Shimanami Kaido) is one of the most interesting things to do in Japan and I simply couldn’t resist not doing it. I wouldn’t consider myself a cyclist per say, but I do enjoy going out for a spin once in a while, especially in new places I’m visiting. I do have a motorcycle licence though and have traveled quite a bit on this mode of transport.
JAC: Why did you decide to do the YouTube video?
JL: I enjoy sharing my trips with other people and believe that video is the best way to share the experience.
JAC: Do you have plans to continue producing this type of video, or other cycling related content?
JL: I plan on sharing more videos from my trips on a more regular basis. It will be more of a “through my eyes” type of videos, but if I do end up traveling on a bike – I will most definitely make a video about that.