Saxo Bank Sungard puts 3 Aussies in Tour Down Under Lineup

Team Saxo Bank Sungard will be present in Adelaide, Australia for he 2011 Santos Tour Down Under.  Their roster, lead by Porte, will contain 3 Australian riders, but no Spaniards.

The full roster for the event includes:

  • Baden Cooke (AUS)
  • Juan Jose Haedo (ARG)
  • Sebastian Haedo (ARG)
  • Richie Porte (AUS)
  • Nicki Sorensen (DEN)
  • David Tanner (AUS)
  • Brian Vandborg (DEN)

Regarding Richie Porte, Tour Down Under race director Mike Turtur was quoted as saying:

He’s a huge talent and could be Australia’s next big hope for the Grand Tours after Cadel Evans retires.

GoPro going 3D

The GoPro Hero is undoubtedly the little camera that could.  While there are other helmet cameras available, the Hero seems to be dominating the market.  Its origins are from the surfing community, but this tiny wearable (or mountable) camera has found fans in nearly every active sport you can imagine.  Do a search on YouTube for “GoPro” and you’ll find videos that folks have made of themselves base jumping, driving race cars, paint balling, surfing, skiing…  Oh yea – and cycling too!

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Team Radio Shack announces Tour Down Under lineup

Team Radio Shack has just announced their team lineup for the Santos Tour Down Under to be held in Austrailia in January.  That includes or still-not-quite-retired rider Lance Armstrong, who will also be participating in the Cancer Council Classic.

The full team for the first race of the 2011 Pro Tour is made up of (in alphabetical order):

  • Lance Armstrong
  • Manuel Cardoso
  • Ben Hermans
  • Markel Irizar
  • Robbie McEwen
  • Gregory Rast
  • Sébastien Rosseler
That’s right – Robbie McEwen.

Handy cycling tips from a driver

In an odd series of connections I found a great video of tips for cyclists, given from the point of view of a driver.  This was actually posted over 3 years ago on Brian Acord’s blog over at  Brian is actually a fellow CycleFolsom member and ride leader.  Yup – I’m referring to that Brian.  Have a look at the video – and share it with friends and family!

The World Would Be Better Place if Santa Wore Lycra

“Jolly old soul.” Bahhh Humbug. These days, the world could benefit if America’s favorite holiday icon was trim enough to sport some lycra. With childhood obesity considered to be at epidemic levels, do we really need a “jolly old soul” who is overweight and probably very out of shape? Would we think a little differently about fitness throughout the year if we new that Santa was planning to give the reindeer a break and ride a bike for next year’s delivery instead of his sled?

Apparently, Mr. Clause has been getting pressure from all sides recently.  On the health front, especially, it is reported by insiders that Mrs. Clause has been pushing Santa hard.  One elf, that asked to remain anonymous, said:

Clearly he have to consider if shaking like a bowl full if jelly is still the right image to portray to our children.  But it is also a lot more personal than that for the boss.  Even though he is immortal, heart attacks still hurt like hot cocoa in the lap.  And Santa’s cholesterol numbers have been through the roof lately.

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Yet more CycleFolsom goodness

There are cycling groups that just gather at some arbitrary place, at some arbitrary times, for some arbitrary ride.  And then there are groups that do a little bit more.  CycleFolsom is definitely one of the latter type.  It is the activities that go above and beyond just getting together and riding that can really set a cycle group apart.

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Team QuickStep 2011 Kit

Tom Boonen.  New jerseys.  ‘Nuf said:


Its Electric!

The “green” benefits of riding a bike are often touted by the bicycle advocacy crowd – this author included.  Despite the obvious environmental goodness of transporting yourself with leg power compared to other methods, folks still strive to “improve” on the bike’s green image.  And these improvements often involve electrification in some way. One of the more recent variations on this theme is the Yike Bike.

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Rainy day bike stories

It is rainy here in Sacramento.  Supposed to be rainy tomorrow too, which likely means no group ride.  The pro tours are off for the season, cyclocross is in a lull.  What is your intrepid cycle blogger to do?

Why scour Google, of course – in true blog style.

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Divisions, divides and cultures

Divisions, divides and cultures.  Divisions, divides and cultures.  It seems to have been my mantra of the last couple of months.  And apparently I’m not the only person somehow entranced by these topics.

I had an opportunity to guest post on BikingInLA and talk about my thoughts on bike culture.  Zeke responded with his guest post on BikingInLa, providing more thought-provoking insights.

On the other side of things, I’ve talked ad nauseam about the cycling world’s habit of dividing up into subcultures.  Truth be told, I don’t really think this is a “cycling world” issue as much as it is just human nature.  Us versus them seems to be an innate human tenancy.

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