Softride Solo 700 – an introduction to beam bikes

If you’ve never seen a Softride, or bikes that look like it, you might be wondering what’s going on here.  No, this isn’t a folding bike.  Rather, it belongs to a class of bikes known as beam bikes.

Beam bikes place the seat on a beam that attaches to the frame near the head tube and suspends the rider over the rear wheel without a seat tube or other support.

There actually are a few different manufactures of this frame design, many of them competitive.  They had a growing following in the 1990’s among the time trial and triathlon crowd, up until the UCI got involved.  In 1999, the UCI banned beam bikes – or more specifically, any bike without a seat tube – from competitive events, declaring them an unfair advantage.

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Sacramento Area Bike Trail Closed Mar 13

The American River Bike Trail in Sacramento will be closed on the morning of March 13th for the 7th running of the Shamrock’n Half Marathon.

According to the published map, the event does a loop through Sacramento, and enters the bike trail at Northgate Blvd.  It follows the trail all the way into Discovery Park.


The Cycle Chic Manifesto

Look out fellow lycrarians™.  The Cycle Chic crowd has a manifesto – so you know they’re up to something.

First they start toddling around town on vintage bicycles.

Then they bring back leather handle bar wrappings – for shame!

But a manifesto!  Nothing says “crazy radical agenda” like a manifesto.

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Placer County is offering you cash to ride a bike

Placer County, CA is offering an incentive to folks that make the switch from car travel to bicycle travel.  No joke – the county will give you up to $200 bucks to buy yourself a new ride.
They’re calling it the Bucks for Bikes program:

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How to measure your bike frame

Bikes – and especially bike frame – are often referenced by a size, like 56cm or 27 inches.  For those “in the know” this is a good approximation to indicate if a particular bike will generally fit you.  While this may not be all that critical when you are in a bike shop and can actually throw a leg over the bike, this number can be important when you are looking on Craig’s list, for example.  So what does this number actually mean??

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Enhance your GoPro camera

Ahhh the GoPro – the little camera that could.  I’ve talked here about this camera before, and some of its wonderful features (or potential enhancements under development.)  That’s because it is a damn fine, action sports oriented camera.  I’ve shown a small subset of my cycling life as seen through the time-lapse view it provides, and I even caught my own crash in high definition glory.

Well the folks at GoPro have been busy, and have release a couple of enhancements to the cleverly minimalist design.

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Cycling through Netflix

We all need a little down time every now and then.  From the die hard uber-trainer, to the guerrilla urban assault advocate and commuter, to the be seen classic cycle fashinista.  All of us will find our collective bums on a sofa instead of a saddle from time to time.

So the question is – how do you best spend that down time?  Why, watching cycling movies of course!

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Savage Sprints continue in Sac tonight

Sacramento’s Hot Italian is hosting the fourth installment of the Savage Sprints series.  As before, the event it intended not only to be a hell of a good time, but to also raise funds and awareness to the Sacramento Velodrome Association.  Over 40 racers are registered for the 4pm start time – including yours truly.  That’s right, amongst the racers you’ll find Just Another Cyclist spinning like mad.  Come cheer me on – because frankly I’ve no idea what I’m doing!

The Facebook page for the event currently lists registration as full – but I’ve heard rumor that spots for no-shows will potentially be offered to walk-ins.  However, given that at least some of us have Monday off, hanging out at Hot Italian, having drinks and watching roller racing is a fine way to spend a Sunday night.

Hot Italian is located at 16th & Q in Sacramento, with racing starting at 5pm.

I want my sport back

I fell in love with cycling watching folks play mental and physical games with each other to be the first to cross lines in the road.  While not particularly fond of “drama” I got some small enjoyment from the human stories behind the riders too.  I’ve taken doping allegations, personality conflicts and shifting alliances in stride and without any real detraction from the sport I love.

Until recently.  Really – Contador riding again without even actually getting a slap on the wrist?  And why am I supposed to care that Lance has retired – again?

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HTFU and get free stuff

Just Another Cyclist urges you to HTFU – and is willing to give away free stuff to those that do.

That’s right – we’re running a contest.  The challenge – find hidden instances of ‘HTFU’ around or the Just Another Cyclist Facebook page.  Anywhere you find those 4 letters strung together is a valid find.  It may be in the article itself.  It may be in a photo.  The only places that doesn’t count are user-submitted comments or third-party advertisements.

And what can you get?  The top three folks – based on the number of instances of HTFU found – will receive Action Wipesthe way to quickly clean up after a hard ride.  First place gets 7, second place 5 and third place gets 3 of the Just Another Cyclist special edition Action Wipes.  And there’s a special bonus prize available for you Sacramento residents.  There are three locations in Sacramento where you can find an item printed with both JustAnotherCyclist and HTFU.  Find any of the three and receive a bonus of 5 action wipes – regardless of any other prizes you may win.

How to enter

Search and the Just Another Cyclist Facebook page.  Note where you find them – include a URL or article title and description of where you found ‘HTFU’ written.  After you’ve found all that you can, send the details in an email to

The contest runs from now until 11:59:59pm PST on March 1, 2011.  Include ‘HTFU’ somewhere in the subject line of the email.  The winners will be determined and notified on March 3.  Sorry – prizes will no be delivered to addresses outside of the US.

So start searching and score yourself some free Just Another Cyclist Action Wipes!!  And to get you started – you’ve already found 6 right on this page!

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