Winter cycling in Sacramento

It was about 8:30am on Dec 12.  It was a chilly winter’s day.  The skies were overcast, the ground was slightly damp, and the temperature was…

…57 degrees.

OK.  For most of the country Dec 12 is supposed to be a chilly winter’s day.  Folks think about storing the bike for the winter, or long workouts on a trainer until spring comes around to thaw out the ground and let us all outside.  But I ride in Sacramento.  And to be honest, I can’t really find a good reason to ride any differently in the winter than the summer.

I was out in my normal kit – just jersey and bibs.  No base layer, no arm warmers, no leg warmers.  And I wasn’t cold at all.  My only real concern was the wet mass of leaves that formed into slippery piles in my paths.  I also wasn’t some “nut job” out in inclement weather.  Lots of folks are realizing the possibilities of winter riding.  57 degrees is early morning summer temperatures in some parts.  Even if you are the type that favors warmer weather, a simple jacket, or long sleeve jersey, will probably make you comfortable.

And don’t forget – pro cycling goes on too.  Teams are out at training camps, getting to know new team members after transfers.  And the race calendar kicks off with the Tour Down Under on Jan 16.

If you really must have an off season, take off the week of Christmas and New Year’s Day.  Otherwise, keep on riding!

  • Jack1

    what is this post about?

    57 degrees is pretty warm. In Seattle the AM temps hover in the low 40s. Check out Minnysoda, now that is winter riding.

    • It was intended to be sarcastic – a commentary on how warm it is for a mid December day compared to what I grew up in. I guess I didn’t do a good job of that.

      Funny you mention Seattle – I grew up in that area – Auburn & Sumner, WA, specifically – so that was what I was comparing it it.

      I was out riding in the middle of September wearing the exact same gear I would wear in July. Sacramento doesn’t really have a winter that I can tell.

      • *I* got it 🙂

        My coldest riding temp was 20 below zero. I’ll take 57 any day of the week over that 🙂

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