Rainy day bike stories

It is rainy here in Sacramento.  Supposed to be rainy tomorrow too, which likely means no group ride.  The pro tours are off for the season, cyclocross is in a lull.  What is your intrepid cycle blogger to do?

Why scour Google, of course – in true blog style.

There are folks over in Fort Collins, Colorado that have moved the usual May madness and put together a Bike to work day right in the middle of winter. TreeHugger considers the possibility of bikes taking a more pivotal role in Christmas celebrations – while saving reindeer at the same time.  If you’re more inclined to wear a suit and tie, perhaps you can consider a business case for cycling if you’ve tired of all the culture talk.  People all over the world are still rambling on about Contador, and somehow continuing to perpetuate the ridiculous Cancellara nonsense.  Without active pro racing now, many are stuck in the same situation I am and have resorted to talking about what will happen next year.  “Build it and they will come” may still hold true, if there is a place to park at least.  For some reason those nutty Australians are acting as if it actually is summer for them and have engaged in actual road racing.  I’m considering heading up to Lake Tahoe just so I can have the opportunity to actually try out studded bike tires.  Or perhaps going to Europe would be a better test.  There is a growing body of evidence that pro cyclists may be slightly insane, or just slightly quirky.  Team Type 1 riders, like others, are sporting new jerseysEcoVelo reminds us about the nutty holiday drivers.  Lance Armstrong goes to Iraq and Afghanistan, along with Robin Williams and others.  Van Gerwen is still searching for a sponsor.  Villaraigosa has helped BikingInLa to locate the elusive snowball in hell.  And finally, I’m not the only one hung up on the rain.