Rate your favorite bike photos

The popularity of the movie The Social Networksomewhat loosely inspired by the actual history of Facebook – exposed a lot of folks to the idea of presenting two random photos side by side, picking which of the two you like better.  It is an interesting idea.  After watching the movie, I actually thought “Wouldn’t it be cool to do that with bicycle photos.”

Apparently (and not surprisingly) I wasn’t the only one with the idea.  The website ratemyvelo.com is doing just that.  Presenting two images – apparently randomly selected from a collection of user submitted images – you simply click on the one you like better.  Then, you are presented with two new photos, and also a view of how other folks rated the two photos you had previously clicked on.

The one limitation is that all photos on the site must show bicycles being used as transportation – i.e. average, everyday folks doing average, everyday things on bicycles.  As stated on their submission page:

  • Photos are subject to ratemyvelo.com quality approval. We do not approve all images
  • You are free to upload photos of other people on bicycles – it doesn’t need to be yourself in the photo
  • You must own the rights to distribute the photo, or it must be licensed under an appropriate Creative Commons license
  • We only accept photos of bicycles being used as transportation. No sport/recreation bicycles please

Careful, though.  Clicking on these photos is strangely addictive.