Become a Blackburn Ranger

Blackburn RangerMany of us dream of cycling down the Pacific Coast Highway from Canada to Mexico. Now imagine doing that with all brand new gear that you didn’t have to pay for. Oh yea – and imagine someone throwing in some cash to help you do it. Think you can handle it? Then you may have what it takes to be a Blackburn Ranger.

A Blackburn Ranger (if you didn’t deduce it already) is sponsored by Blackburn Designs – the bike accessory company. Blackburn Rangers (not those rangers unfortunately) are essentially product testers and ambassadors. They pretty much get paid to ride the Pacific Coast Highway on new bikes sporting new and/or prototype Blackburn Designs gear. Not interested in the PCH? Well, how about an inland route along the Great Divide instead?

As a brand ambassador, you’ll also be expected to… well… ambass for the brand. Especially by providing social media updates, photos and videos of you out there using the companies equipment.

Ranger responsibilities

  • Provide product testing feedback to the Blackburn Team
  • Create and deliver ride inspired photos, videos, blogs, etc.
  • Travel the Pacific Coast or Great Divide in 2016
  • Spread the word about Blackburn brand or products
  • Attend Ranger Camp April 11–13 in Santa Cruz, CA (Mandantory [sic])
  • Exclusively support Blackburn
  • Actively participate in social media

Currently they are looking for 6 people to fill this role. The application process for a Blackburn Ranger includes creation of a YouTube video , and you’ll be judged on how well you are able to advertise for them for free promote materials they provide you on social media. Essentially, if you are not a social promotions whiz, you’re probably not going to make the cut.

If you are interested in giving it a whirl, you can apply on the Blackburn Designs website. Let us know if you do – we’d love to help you spread Blackburn advertising on social media share your experiences here.