The #15mpd – 15 miles per day, every day, for a year!

August 1, 2010.  That is when I start(ed) my commitment to ride a minimum of 15 miles a day, every day, no exceptions, no excuses.  OK – so significant muscle injuries or broken bones might be valid excuses.  But everything else is out.  Even the flu will be frowned upon as an excuse.  Let’s do it America – 15 miles a day, every day, for a year!

Consider what the average American suburban dweller does: 

  • Trip to grocery store – 5-10 miles
  • Trip to Blockbuster for a video for the kids for the night – 5-10 miles
  • Commute to work – 10-20 miles
  • Kids to soccer practice – 5-10 miles
  • Downtown for lunch with friends – 10 miles
  • Kids to school – 5 miles twice a day
  • Starbucks for coffee – 5-10 miles a day

Now imagine one or two of those without the car.  Imagine 15 miles a day, every day, for a year on your bike.  Go to Blockbuster and Starbucks on your bike instead of your car and you’re already there for the day.  Take a scenic relaxed ride through the neighborhood after dinner and you’ve easily got 10 miles in the bag for the day.  Do you commute to work by bike an avoid the traffic.

Some of you hard core roadies out there will be thinking about your 100-150 mile weekend group rides and laughing to yourself.  “I do 15 miles of warmup before my workouts!”  But we’re talking every day here.  No days off.  No avoiding the rain.  No “it’s too windy” excuse.  No “I rode 100 miles yesterday so I need to rest”  If you’ve got to do 15 miles on the rollers in the dining room – then do that.  But just do 15 miles at minimum.  Each day.  Every day.  No excuses.  Use a bike with the same ease you use the car.

Join me in this commitment.  Are you on twitter?  If so, tweet your progress there with the hashtag #15mpd  – that’s 15 Miles Per Day.  Post your stories to our Facebook page.  Call the kids.  Call the parents.  Call the inlaws.  Tell them that you did your 15 miles for the day.  Challenge them to do the same!