Happy cyclist excuse day!

Cyclist excuse day?  But isn’t it Thanksgiving?

Yes.  Yes it is.  Thanksgiving is the day when, all across the country, countless individuals, groups and clubs are going out on casual or social rides with friends and competitors.  It is a time to get on the bike in full kit to ride 12 miles an hour for less than 20 miles and never break a sweat.  So why the odd ritual?

Well, Thanksgiving day social rides are first and foremost an excuse. They are a justification banked for later in the day when weight-conscious racers (and wanna-be weight conscious racers) will allow themselves an extra slice of pumpkin pie.  Mashed potatoes and stuffing will flow down the gullets of our TDay Social Riders.  Because, well, they all rode went for a ride this morning.  Of course they can take on more carbs, for they burned thousands (errr… a couple of hundred tops) calories on the morning ride.

Don’t get me wrong – I’ve got nothing against a good social ride.  I’ll be the first to advocate the fact that wattage, cadence and total feet of climbing can and should be irrelevant on some of your rides.  Don’t turn it into a regimented training ordeal every single time you throw a leg over the saddle.  We all started riding because we love it, and we should slow down and enjoy it from time to time.

Just don’t expect me to buy your story that you are “replenishing spent carbs” when you reach for that second helping…

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!