Cycling Sacramento ain’t what it used to be

I’ll admit – it has been sometime since I’ve really spent any time in downtown Sacramento.  Odd, considering that I live in the greater Sacto area – not so odd if you recall that up until recently I was working in the Palo Alto area.  In a few years the feel of downtown has really changed.  And something else has changed.  I counted no less than 15 folks out riding their bikes on my roughly 8 mile ride to work.

The vast majority of these folks are obviously commuters.  Folks out riding wearing the same clothes they’ll be sporting at the office.  Oh yea – and my very casual, tally them in my head study of the folks I passed revealed an interesting stat: the majority of them were cruising out there without a helmet.  Hmmm….

Things are still settling in after the job change, so keeping up with the cycling world has gotten a little bit hectic.  Not bad timing, considering the big story is still Contador, and the official statement from his camp is that there will be no further official statements.

So until I find the best part of the day to carve out to be JustAnotherCyclist, I’ll be out riding my bike even more than before.

Keep your head above your saddle above your wheels…