Garmin buys power meter startup MetriGear

More than a few of us have been waiting for sometime, watching the press releases from MetriGear.  The company has been working for some time on a power meter embedded right into the spindles of pedals.  This would potentially provide a whole slew of benefits, including not only separate readings for each leg, but also potentially different readings for different parts of your pedal stroke.  The market release of their product – called Vector – has been delayed a number of times.

However, in an email sent out to their mailing list subscribers this morning, MetriGear has announced their acquisition by Garmin.  Garmin has also made an official statement regarding the acquisition.

Pricing and release information are still pending from Garmin:

Garmin and MetriGear are dedicated to bring the Vector power solution to market. Product availability and pricing details will be released at a later time. For the latest announcements and updates, or to learn more about Garmin’s products and services, go to, and