Another great cyclist blogger – and diabetic

You’ve read about my diabetes here on JustAnotherCyclist a couple of times.  I’ve even claimed to not write about my diabetes much on this blog (as I write about diabetes on this blog – yet again!)  Nonetheless, it is a huge part of my life by necessity.  So it was with some interesting that I happened across another cyclist and diabetic – and blogger.

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DIY Bike Snow Tires

It has been a secret desire of mine for some time to get myself some studded snow tires for my bike, and then drive somewhere where they are actually required.

But what about those poor folks that already live somewhere where they are required.  Or worse yet, those poor folks that wake up one morning to find that they are suddenly and unexpectedly required.

Don’t you fret.  The folks at Dutch Bike Co. in Seattle have got you covered:
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Let’s go racing!

Its 2011.  Its January.  And its time to go road racing.

We’re just days away from the kicking off the Pro Road racing season, starting with the Santos Tour Down Under.  We’ve got to get our fill too, because the UCI calendar has a gap between the TdU and the start of racing in Europe at Paris-Nice.

Early indications are that the Australian race will be picked up by Versus, giving all us Yankees a chance to get an early start on our love/hate relationship with the network.  Presumably we will get, at best, a 30 minute nightly recap of the days events, and at worst a 60 minute summary of the whole week on Sunday.

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UPDATE: Seattle To Portland 2011 Registration

Based on the number of folks that are reading my previous STP 2011 story, a lot of folks are already interested in the 2011 ride.  And with the amount of interest, it looks like we’ll all need to stay on top of this to ensure we can register.

Cascade Bicycle Club has changed the dates slightly from their original announcement:

Online only event registration opens at noon on Monday, Jan. 10 exclusively for Cascade Bicycle Club members. Event registration opens at 9 a.m. on Tuesday, Feb. 1 to the general public.

It is interesting to note, however, that their website still doesn’t seem to list the STP ride on applicable calendarsLast time was a blast – can’t wait for this year.

A cold, wet start to the cycling year

Yesterday I kicked off the year with Cycle Folsom and the “Chickens and a Bridge” ride.  As advertised, there were in fact chickens.  Many chickens in and around Fair Oaks.  And after the chickens?  Yup – a bridge.

It was great to get out with the club and thumb our collective noses at the weather.  Low 40’s and raining didn’t thwart the group here.  The group did get broken up due to a couple of flats though.  First one was me, at just a mile or two in, where a piece of green grass managed to work its way into my Continental Gatorskins.

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Sac PD Bicycle

Parked out front of the coffee shop this afternoon I noticed not one but three Sacramento Police Department bicycles.  All were different makes and models, but all were mountain bikes.  The three officers had stopped for a cup of coffee.  Apparently (but not surprisingly) officers on bicycles are much healthier than their car-bound brethren.  There was not a doughnut in a single one of their hands – even a stereotypical one.

All of them were similiarly equipped – with lights and a siren on the handlebars.
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Boise, Idaho hosting new US Pro Team

Boise, Idaho has a new point of bragging – they are the home to one of the newest US professional cycling teams.

Team Exergy received a UCI Continential license for 2011.  This advancement from the Amateur ranks gives them a shot at some of the bigger races.

According to a report in the Idaho Statesman, the team’s Directeur Sportif is looking to establish a good record early in the season in a bid to win spots for both the Tour of California and the Quiznos Pro Challenge.
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Bike lane obstructions across the country

I ran into a post over at regarding UPS trucks that apparently continue to park in bike lanes.  The whole idea of bike lane obstructions is probably something that most commuters are familiar with.

One of the most important rules of being safe while riding in traffic is to be consistent and predictable.  You are at much higher risk if getting tangled up with a car a you move out of the bike lane than you are while riding in the bike lane – or even out of the bike lane and in traffic.  This is one of the common mistakes made by newer commuters.  You will see folks that will take every opportunity to get as far right next to the curb as possible – say, in a stretch of road where there are not as many parked cars.  Unfortunately, this forces them to move out into traffic when they come up to a parked car.

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Saxo Bank Sungard puts 3 Aussies in Tour Down Under Lineup

Team Saxo Bank Sungard will be present in Adelaide, Australia for he 2011 Santos Tour Down Under.  Their roster, lead by Porte, will contain 3 Australian riders, but no Spaniards.

The full roster for the event includes:

  • Baden Cooke (AUS)
  • Juan Jose Haedo (ARG)
  • Sebastian Haedo (ARG)
  • Richie Porte (AUS)
  • Nicki Sorensen (DEN)
  • David Tanner (AUS)
  • Brian Vandborg (DEN)

Regarding Richie Porte, Tour Down Under race director Mike Turtur was quoted as saying:

He’s a huge talent and could be Australia’s next big hope for the Grand Tours after Cadel Evans retires.

GoPro going 3D

The GoPro Hero is undoubtedly the little camera that could.  While there are other helmet cameras available, the Hero seems to be dominating the market.  Its origins are from the surfing community, but this tiny wearable (or mountable) camera has found fans in nearly every active sport you can imagine.  Do a search on YouTube for “GoPro” and you’ll find videos that folks have made of themselves base jumping, driving race cars, paint balling, surfing, skiing…  Oh yea – and cycling too!

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