Savage Sprints continue in Sac tonight

Sacramento’s Hot Italian is hosting the fourth installment of the Savage Sprints series.  As before, the event it intended not only to be a hell of a good time, but to also raise funds and awareness to the Sacramento Velodrome Association.  Over 40 racers are registered for the 4pm start time – including yours truly.  That’s right, amongst the racers you’ll find Just Another Cyclist spinning like mad.  Come cheer me on – because frankly I’ve no idea what I’m doing!

The Facebook page for the event currently lists registration as full – but I’ve heard rumor that spots for no-shows will potentially be offered to walk-ins.  However, given that at least some of us have Monday off, hanging out at Hot Italian, having drinks and watching roller racing is a fine way to spend a Sunday night.

Hot Italian is located at 16th & Q in Sacramento, with racing starting at 5pm.