The different species of cyclists

You can’t have been riding for very long if you haven’t noticed the various niches of cyclists.  You start with the Roadie / Mountain Biker / Commuter segments and get more nuanced from there.

Well, it just so happens that I found a rather funny writeup of this very phenomenon on the website of Turin Bicycle – a bike shop in Everston, Illinois.  I’ve never actually been to the shop (Or Everston, for that matter) – this is a purely “found on the web randomly” type of thing.  But the first couple of lines were enough to prompt me to read on:

Listen up! This is a tongue-in-cheek overview of some of the more interesting and dedicated cyclists you may see and meet. No offense is intended. We’re just trying to have some fun and brighten your day. We fit into a few of these categories, too! No cyclists were harmed researching this article. Credit approval required. Your tire mileage may vary.

I encourage you to check it out.  I suspect you’ll find yourself in one of the categories.  Enjoy.

Apparently only women run

So I’m on the verge of getting my hands on a Droid and I was scoping out the applications I can use for tracking my cycling with that device.  One that comes up quite a bit is CardioTrainer from Work Smart Labs.  The reviews of the app seem good, but something stuck out when I looked at their website.  Specifically the picture there:

So what the hell – apparent 3 times the number of women run as compared to men?  And the men are always in the lead?  Oh yea, and 66% of the women run with strollers.  I’m generally not one to identify reasons to be offended by advertising, but this one seems kinda, well, too obvious to ignore to me.