Yup – even your cycling jersey can be “indie”

I grew up in the beautiful Seattle area in the “hey day” of the whole grunge/alternative rock thingy.  There was always an underlying theme in that area:  The mainstream sucked, therefore you could only be cool by liking things that not many other people liked.  That’s right – you as soon as more than a couple people had heard of it, you couldn’t like it any more.

Somewhere along the line this idea got officially labeled “indie” (originally short for independent, if anyone cares).  Indie was everywhere.  Indie films.  Indie bands.  Indie bars featuring indie bands.

So imagine my excitement at being able to relive my youthful sentimentality with my grown-up hobby of cycling.  I found Indie Bike – a source for indie cycling apparel.  And just look at the list of major manufactures they’re selling.  I can get all my stuff right here.

Now wait just a latte-sipping minute. List of major manufactures?? Um, isn’t the whole idea of “indie” that it isn’t among the major manufactures??

Now, I don’t want to badmouth any companies (especially ones that could potentially try to get a hold of me for an advertising / sponsorship deal.  Just saying…) but the name does throw off the freds of the world that might assume a catalog full of tweed and wool.