Lugged Frames

There is, at least for me, something about lugged frames that evokes all of the classical beauty of the bicycle as art. I don’t mean to diminish from the absolute skill and craftsmanship that goes into non-lugged frames. But every time I see carefully accentuated lugs on a handmade bicycle, it just seems to underscore the attention to detail that is the very embodiment of “handmade.”

This year’s North American Handmade Bicycle Show didn’t disappoint in the area of beautifully detailed lugged frames.

DSC06104 DSC06105

Claudio Bellon, of Bellon Handmade Bicycles, started my NAHBS off on the right foot with his beautiful display.

DSC06129 DSC06132
Métier Vélo was on hand to remind us that not all that is lugged is steel, with their “3D-printed titanium lugs to join carbon-fiber tubes into light, strong, tough, repairable, and beautiful performance frames.”

DSC06379 DSC06377Shamrock Cycles showed us why their website is hosted at LugOfTheIrish.


Oh… and in case you forgot. Carbon is lugged. too. Thanks for remind us Calfee.

DSC06463 DSC06464

Sacramento local builder Rex Cycles had lugs galore.DSC06467 DSC06492 Rex Cycles also showed how this was all put together. He also took the award for “Best Fillet” of the show.DSC06495

And further demonstrating his mastery of the lug, Steve Rex can not only fillet but finish with paint.

DSC06555And last but not least, Formigli showed us the Italian influence with their slight, yet detailed, lugged frame.