Top 10 posts ever

Blogs are a funny, fickle mistress. You produce content. You struggle to maintain the balance between journalistic/artistic integrity and SEO so that people can find you. You throw out terms like “journalistic/artistic integrity” as if you actually had them. You try to be funny. You try to speak to your readers.

But at the end of the day there really is no predicting which of your works will catch on and which won’t. It is nearly impossible to predict which of your stories might get posted to reddit, providing yet more eyes on your stuff. One Facebook share gets thousands of page views, another zero. Such is the Wild Wooly Web.

At some point you stop and review the numbers. I did that today. Below are the top 10 all time most read posts on Try to hear David Letterman’s voice in your head while you scan these:

Number 10: Some really cool one-off bikes
Number 9: Falling back in love with Continental Gatorskins
Number 8: Softride Solo 700
Number 7: How to measure your bike frame
Number 6: Chalk this up as a WTF?
Number 5: How to spoil your children
Number 4: Quill stem conversion
Number 3: Mounting tail lights on bikes
Number 2: Cycling through Netflix

And the number 1 most read article on
Are Brilliant Bicycles really Brilliant?