Audi Outrage

The new Audi A3 plugin hybrid. I’d actually be inclined to respect it – if not for some idiotic advertising.

So many things wrong with this.

First off – despite what Audi might like to believe, not everyone on a bike is secretly wishing they could have a powerful car. Many of us that ride a bike for errands, commuting, or just general gettin’ ’round do it because… wait for it… we actually prefer to be on a bike. I know… I know… Not what you would hope for auto makers.

Second, the guy installing the solar panels. Yea, so no reason for him to be jealous of you. Because as much as you might like to think that a plug in hybrid magically pulls energy out of thin air, that car is still burning fossil fuels. Yes, indeed, Mr. Audi A3 Plug In Hybrid Owner, that electricity flowing through that extension cord actually has to come from some where. So unlike the house with the solar panels, you’re releasing more carbon than the woman on the bike.

So, in the words of Sons of Science, here’s my “tiny carbon footprint up your ass.”

Thanks to BikingInLA for sharing this. He has always been the perfect counterbalance to our random nonsense here at Just Another Cyclist.