Feel good story of the day

If you love grandmas, bicycles and dudes turning a good deed, have we got a story for you. Call it your feel good story of the day. It all started on one of my favorite Facebook groups: Look At My Bike Leaning Against Stuff. The group is about… well… just that. People post photos of their bikes. Leaning against stuff. Pretty straight forward. There are a couple of rules – pictures are of bikes only – no people. Drive side out lest the critiques will critically criticize. Etc etc etc.

But as with many things, a small act of humanity and compassion gleamed through like a shining beacon (cue symphonic musical sweeper)


Such a wonderful sounding encounter. It quickly gained over 500 ‘Likes’ and comments such as:

Stories like this are what helps keep my faith in humanity. Thank you for keeping her pedaling and sharing!

Michael M.

Awesome very kind of you. Get her pic with it when your done and post.

Brenda R.

the world is better for random acts of kindness. thank you!

Peter L.

Great stuff! The bike community is a great community ! No question !

Scot S.

Screen Shot 2015-09-08 at 11.52.05 AMWe reached out to the original poster, Michael Glanfield. This is a story that just begs for a followup. Unfortunately, according to Michael, “…I may not hear from her for a little while (if at all of course) as we’re in wet and cold London weather just now.” I think that all of us would love to hear about the owner, the promised repairs, and maybe even a photo of them and the bike after the work.

Keep riding. Feel good.
Keep riding. Feel good.

Michael is a medical doctor living in South London – about two miles from the bike’s 80 year old owner Helen. In his spare time Michael volunteers to do cycle training. He recently posted about taking a group of 10 year olds out in the wind and rain. This is a man that seems to have a history of giving back to the cycling community

Kudos to you Michael. And kudos to you Helen. Us cyclists can tend to be a little cliquish at times. Things like this help us remember that we all share the love of that two wheeled beauty.

UPDATE: Michael did eventually connect with Helen and made good on his offer to help give her bike a little love. You can read about it at The feel good story that keeps getting better