One earbud only please…

Do you recall that scene in The Hunt for Red October where Sean Connery’s character asks to verify the distance to target… one ping only… ?

Well California SB 491, which became enforceable Jan 1 2016, now says “One earbud only, please.”

Applying to operators of all vehicles on the road – motor vehicles and bicycles alike – the legislation makes it illegal to travel our roads with two earbuds in place. An earbud in a single ear, however, is still legal.

Other interesting bicycle related legislation taking effect includes:

  1. SB 530, which clarifies the definition of “pedicab” and seems directly targeted at some of the “beer crawl” and “pub crawl” services here several people are applying pedal power to a four wheeled vehicle that is ultimately steered and controlled by a non-drinking “driver.”
  2. AB 1096, which clarifies the definition of “electric bicycle” as differentiated from “motorized bicycle.”
  3. AB 604, defines what an “electric skateboard” is, and requires that anyone one one wear a bicycle helmet regardless of age.

However, the astute, careful readers my reaize, as BikinginLA did, that none of these laws are actually new at all.