Happy new year!

2015 saw us (JustAnotherCyclist and VeloReviews) recovering and retooling after devoting almost all of our resources into a bike shop and bicycle retail in 2014. After some serious soul searching and deciding how to proceed, there is a great plan in place to take us forward into 2016.

A lot of things are on the horizon. Some are just sketches of ideas at this point, and some are just about ready to see prime time. Here’s a sneak peak of only some of the items in store for the new year:

  • Continuing our focus on bicycle lighting products with reviews of Monkey Lights, a couple of different economy bike rack mounted tail lights, as well as the 1500 lumen Oculus headlight by Barry Beams.
  • Continue to tell the story of Eloise the Motobecane’s transition for urban single speed to full-fledge touring/camping bike. Follow along as we tackle the conversions and upgrades in building the ultimate forrest service gravel road touring bike.
  • Full reviews of all of the products that go into the Eloise conversion.
  • Thinking seriously about a new podcast to fill the void created after we stopped recording the VeloReviews podcast. Thinking about it seriously enough that a new microphone and some acoustic shielding are already identified and ready to be ordered.
  • Some new bike tattoos. Just because.
  • A return to the Seattle to Portland Bicycle Classic
  • Getting back behind the camera to bring more cycling photography.
  • I’ll stop ignoring my mountain bike.
  • Getting back to the roots of JustAnotherCyclist and VeloReviews by (re)focusing on building great online content and a vibrant online cycling community.
  • And last but not least, I feel like I’ve exercised the ghost of Lance Armstrong that was haunting my thoughts every time I watched racing so … a return to racing coverage.

So get out there and ride! And let’s talk about it next year.