Tacky Behavior

NBC Bay Area reports that the CHP is investigating the dumping of tacks on a popular local cycling route. Kings Mountain Road, which climbs to Skyline Blvd near Woodside, CA, has generated several reports of cyclists getting flats.Part of the attraction of this road to cyclists, in addition to the beautiful views, is the topography. This hilly region presents some challenging climbs, and some adrenaline pumping descents. It is the latter that presents the greatest risk to cyclists. For many that do not ride a flat may seem like an inconvenient, yet harmless, annoyance. However, a flat on a fast descent, right next to automobile traffic, can result in significant injury or death.

Speculation is that these nails are being placed there by one or more local residents that are not to keen on the cyclists being on the roads.

Officers said Monday that there were so many nails left on Kings Mountain Road that clean-up crews were forced to sweep the lanes to get them out of the way.

Cyclists are usually drawn to the road for its views and 1,500-foot climb to Skyline Boulevard.

— “CHP Investigators Say Booby Trapped Road near Woodside is Targeted at Cyclists.” nbcbayarea.com

Anyone with information regarding these incidents are asked to call CHP Officer Furhman, (650) 369-6261.

Be safe and vigilant out there folks!