Andy Schleck is copying me

DSC01843I’ll admit that I was a bit… preoccupied… when Andy Schleck originally announced his retirement. At that time, I was eyebrows deep into launching a local independent bike shop paired with a cafe. During our unfortunately short run before total, catastrophic collapse (you could say we ‘bonked‘) I was understandably out of the pro-cycling happenings. Knee-deep in trying to ensure there is enough money to keep the lights on from day to day (there wasn’t) you don’t find yourself with a lot of time to keep up with the pro peloton. One thing I learned during this process – you need a fair amount of up front capital (runway to use business parlance) to keep a cafe/bike ship afloat until business builds up.

Well… let’s hope Andy Schleck sacked away some of those sponsorship dollars because guess what… while I was busy failing at running a bike shop/cafe, he was busy launching one.

Apparently that was the mistake in my business plan. I was supposed to win the Tour de France first…. THEN open the bike shop. Lesson learned.