Chalk this up as a WTF?

I try to be open minded. Really I do. But I saw this and all I could say is… WTF?


This beauty is the Rungu Kilimanjaro. And based on their website they are apparently marketing this as a transportation alternative for snowboarders and surfers. They call it a trike with “Shoulder width front-wheel spacing to improve tricycle handling.”

I’ve looked at this a couple of different ways, and I just can’t for the life of me understand what benefits this configuration creates. At a reported 53.8 pounds I feel like there otta be some really significant gains in this unorthodox configuration. At at an advertised price of $3,300 US Dollars this is no cheapy either.

And if this crazy configuration wasn’t enough, the company is also offering the Juggernaut model – which replaces the front suspensions with ridged forks and … get this … a pair of fat tires.

I really want to say this looks quirky, weird and therefor fun. I’m afraid that I’m just stuck on the “weird” at this point. I want to get it but I just don’t.