Your source for cycling news: NPR??

national-public-radio-npr-logo_100318079_mI’ve been out of the habit somewhat lately, but I’ve maintained a list of online sources that I routinely scan through for story ideas for here (JustAnotherCyclist) and VeloReviews. In addition to my list of the usual suspects, I also rely on a few Google Alerts to help throw in some variety.

Every once in awhile I find cycling related post in my Google Alerts emails from National Public Radio (NPR) sources. Usually these are stories about the environmental impacts of cycling, or the apparent dangers of cycling, or stories regarding key cycling related transportation legislation. I was a bit surprised, however, to find an article about a particular pro cyclist. An article that would have fit in just about any cycling magazine, blog or website you can imagine.

The story is about Movistar cyclist Nairo Quintana, and his potential in the upcoming Tour de France (oh…. is it that time of year again??)

He began biking to get to high school. The return trip was a 10-mile uphill slog. That didn’t deter Nairo Quintana. Sometimes he’d even attach a cable to his sister’s bike and haul her up the mountain with him.

The story is actually really good, and focuses on the personal side of things (as many NPR productions do.) But I have to be honest, I just didn’t expect to find a rider’s piece on NPR.

Don’t get me wrong – I’m a fan of NPR. This isn’t an insult of them. It just never occurred to me that they would actually focus on the sport and the athletes. So give it a read: “The Cycling World May Soon Bow Down Before Nairo Quintana