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It used to be that every once in awhile television shows would put out a “remember when” type episode. If it was a sitcom, the characters would find themselves sitting around in a livingr oom or coffee house or something, reminiscing which would lead to flash back sequences of footage from past episodes. I always figured these were the episodes thrown together when most of the writing staff was on vacation or something.

I guess you could say that this post is kind of like that – only I am the writing staff and I’m not actually on vacation.

What I thought I would do is point out the 5 top posts from both of our websites – JustAnotherCyclist.com and VeloReviews.com. These are the stories that google’s pagerank the readers have decided are the most important, relevant, and/or entertaining. So without further ado, here they are listed by number of views, with #1 being the most popular:

VeloReviews.com LogoTop 5 posts on VeloReviews.com

  1. Is Aluminum the New Carbon? The Cannondale CAAD10. This review alone represents over 12% of the total page views since I started recording after the big VeloReviews move to our new format, with over 21% more views then the #2 page. This makes me pretty pleased, given my particular fondness for the bike being reviewed.
  2. Bicycle component terminology explained. Written by Shane Russell – who also served a term as the resident wrench for VeloReviews. This post provides a great explanation of the names of the different parts of the bike.
  3. Looking for, finding and fixing irritating bike noises. Another excellent wrenching story from Shane Russell, providing great insight into those annoying noises that often creep into our bikes and distract from otherwise blissful (or painful) rides.
  4. Elliptical Machine: Friend or Foe? From the fitness archives of the Master of Sweat , we get a look at common assumptions and mistakes made about Elliptical Machines. These days you can also find Al Painter spreading his wisdom over on the Facebook group ‘The Trainers.’
  5. Crossfit and Cycling: Doesn’t Seem to Match Up. Rounding out the top 5 is another fitness post that stirs up the expected bit of controversy with  hard hitting, no-nonsense honesty.

JAC_chainring_red_125x125Top 5 posts on JustAnotherCyclist.com

  1. Cycling through Netflix. A look at some of the cycling-themed movies offered by Netflix. Probably about time for me to update this one now that I think about it…
  2. Quill stem conversion. A look at what I did to convert my old Cannondale CAAD2 commuter’s stem from quill to threadless.
  3. Mounting tail lights on bikes. This was one of those posts I thought was no big deal. Turns out there are a fair number of people that also struggled with the confusing bike light mounting formats.
  4. How to spoil your children. A look at road bikes for kids. Not quite sure what has made this post particularly attractive to readers. Maybe we all fantasize about what we wish we could have had as kids.
  5. How to measure your bike frame. Simple, concise, and to the point article about why bike frame sizes are never simple, concise nor to the point.

There you have it. One thing I’ve learned during my time writing cycling related blogs – it is damn near impossible to figure out which of your stories are going to be the ones that people respond to. Who knows, whatever I write tomorrow may end up blowing all of these out of the water.