Helmets that actually go through testing

I’ve ranted and raved about helmets and the odd fact that no helmet manufacture seems to advertise their testing strategies. I always found it odd that auto manufactures will show somewhat gruesome footage of crash test studies to show how safe their cars are, while helmet advertising never seems to even mention the word “safety.” Instead, we get sold $100 upgrades for improved cooling, better looks and lighter weight.

Well, now those crazy Swedes have proven me wrong.Forget IKEA, we’re talking Hövding.

It was actually a few years ago when I first talked about Hövding and their “air bag for your head” product. Every once in awhile I catch someone else posting a story about the device, but it seems to have been mostly quiet.

But now you can find videos on YouTube of these things in action. And these aren’t crash test dummies here. These are real live humans putting their heads on the line, trusting the devices to protect them.

Love riding a bicycle but hate the helmet preventing the wind from ruffling your hair? Here’s a solution by two Swedish students.

— https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NOolESrCcBw

Ever since Hövding was launched, we have received thousands of questions from keen cyclists all over the world, such as whether Hövding will ”pop” or not depending on the body movements in various situations. So now we are proud to present a number of short movies on the theme ”Will it pop?”. And while we´re at it, why not twist the scenarios a little…

— https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ikYFfxpu3I0