Washington State Still #1 According to Report

600px-WTO_protests_in_Seattle_November_30_1999Ahhhh Washington. The state where white cops spray pepper spray at white protesters. Birthplace of Starbucks, popularizer of flannel shirts, and home to some wicked volcanos (And this post is going out just days before May 18th coincidentally.) And despite the persistent yet very inaccurate impression that it rains there non-stop, it has spent 7 consecutive years on top of the list of bike friendliest states published by the League of American Bicyclists.

Which is interesting. I was born and raised in Washington state, but moved many years ago to California – which comes in at #8 on the list. But I’m in luck! I’m actually about to head back up there for one of my favorite rides ever– the Seattle to Portland ride. So I’ll get to enjoy some of that #1 state bicycling action – hopefully minus the tear gas.

Wondering where (and why) your state falls on the list? Check out their easy-to-digest ranking page, where each state links to a report card.

While no state has really shown stead improvement – and many have moved all over the board – one thing is clear. Alabama has apparently always sucked for cycling – never placing above #47 out of our 50 nifty states.