Pacifica woman to marry her bike

20140201145400-Semester_on_Cycle_generalI know… it sounds like one of those annoying meme-style headlines. “This Pacifica woman to marry her bike – and you won’t believe what the honey moon will be like!” But this is actually something that someone is actively promoting. I know that the anti-marriage equality crowd has been warning us for a while that gay marriage will lead to marrying animals – but marrying a bike? Well according to a campaign recently posted on indiegogo, that is exactly what Lisa Nelson is trying to do.

Hello! I’m Lisa Nelson and on March 2, 2014, I intend to marry Steel Spokes, my beloved bicycle! We’ve been together for over 15 years now we are going to make it official AND depart for 6 months on our “Bicycling Honeymoon” to accomplish a variety of ambitious goals that lead to even bigger dreams!

All fanfare aside, from what I can tell it appears she is looking to use this experience to help put together some kind of youth development program centered around bicycles titled “Semester on Cycle.” Let’s face it – I’m a sympathetic ear to those kinds of things. But even my “I want to immediately support anything bike” mindset is finding it a bit hard to understand exactly what it is she is trying to raise money for:

Semester on Cycle is a proposed model university education program that not only provides an exceptional experience for the cycling participants, but also offers effective methods of connecting with community members and assisting people in need (Read more details at:

Unfortunately the Quest for Zest mission statement didn’t do a really good job of telling me what this was about. It basically sounds like a general concept to do good things for various communities, while riding into the communities on bikes. OK. Umm….

I don’t know. I’ll let you guys be the judge here. As to the whole “marry my bike” idea I have an unfortunately revelation for her though. It isn’t really that new of an idea. In fact, I’m willing to bet that if you talk to the significant other of any cycling nut or amateur racer, they will tell you that they are already married to their bike anyhow.