Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

29_smrightturnWe’ve got our winners in the “How do I signal a right turn” contest. The question was regarding how to properly and legally signal a right hand turn while riding a bicycle.

In truth, the question was kind of a gimme – there are two correct answers. The first, which most people gave as their answer, is by holding the left arm out, bent at a 90 degree angle pointing up. This is the signal required by the DMV for use in automobiles – which makes sense. This is also what motorcyclists use, so the right hand can remain on the throttle. So yes – right arm at 90 degree angle is correct.

However, the DMV also has this to say:

Bicyclists may give right turn-signals with their right arm held straight out, pointing right.

So which is “better?” That’s a good question. Me personally, I use my right hand, held straight out to the right. I personally feel this is more definitive – there is no mistaking that I am pointing to the right. And it eliminates the possibility of motorists behind me mistaking my hand gesture for something less … helpful. As always though, follow your local laws, and do what you believe makes you safer on the road.

And now to the winners.

There was only one incorrect answer submitted: “Why bother. They won’t see you anyways” Soooo not helpful.

putthefun_sticker_white_smSo the three randomly selected winners are:

  • Jackie. Submitted via email. Jackie answered with the bent left arm.
  • Phil. Submitted via email. Phil also went with the bent left arm.
  • Doug. Submitted via comment to the original contest. Doug answered with the right hand.

Congrats to all! Send me your postal address to and I’ll get your sticker shipped out to you this week. Since I have an email address for all three, I’ll drop you an email as well.

Happy signaling.