New bridge includes new bike path

In the culmination of a 20+ year project, the new eastern span of the San Francisco Bay Bridge opened up. And included on that new bridge was a separate bike and pedestrian lane. Those familiar with the area will quickly point out that this bridge only gets you half way across the bay, and that there is a second bridge that still lacks bicycle access that prevents a bike ride completely across. So for the short term at least this is a recreation trail only with no commute benefits.Now that it is open it has understandably added fuel to discussions about enabling bikes to make the full crossing.

And it didn’t take long for a cyclist to find his way onto the shoulder of the main traffic lanes away from the bike path. It is unclear if this was somehow a mistake or a deliberate act – perhaps to make a statement. But of course a local publication took the opportunity to somehow spin it as a “look at the stupid cyclist” story. On and they even threw in a “And helmetless to boot” comment. Sigh.

However, SFist did publish this story about an apparent bike thief caught with one of the bikes from the recently launch San Francisco Bike Share program.

I’ve tried out neither the bike share nor the new bike path personally – all of which I hope to remedy in the coming weeks.