Recent gang violence on American River Bike Trail

Be careful out there on your training or casual rides, folks.  The Sacramento cycling mailing lists have been abuzz with reports of an incident of gang violence against an unnamed Rio Strada rider recently.  According to the circulated report:

Hey all,

Last night after the generic ride I was riding solo from Sac St to Discovery Park where I parked my vehicle. I was at the .5 mile marker and saw 5 teenage males walking/riding down the bike trail, on the same side that I was on. 4 of them were on bicycles, and 1 was on foot. I was traveling about 13 mph when I yelled to them, “on your left”. As I crossed the yellow line and began my pass, one of the juveniles looked at me, and swerved left trying to run me off the road. Another juvenile hopped off his P.O.S. bmx bike and used it like a baseball bat to try and knock me off my bike. His bicycle made contact with my right leg (causing no injury) and my frame (minor scratch). I was fortunate enough to not crash and continued to the 0 mile marker where my vehicle was parked. My phone battery had died so I asked another couple who was already in the parking lot if I could borrow their phone. As I explained the situation to 911 dispatch the couple advised me that the same dirtbag kids attempted to do the same to them. In the following minutes, I spoke with a few other riders at Discovery that were finished and they all had similar stories. I gave dispatch a description of the 5 males and also continued surveillance of them as they were riding around by the bridge at discovery. Within 3 minutes there was 4 marked Sac PD units, 1 County Ranger, and 1 City Ranger. All 5 males were proned out at gun point. All 5 were validated NORTENO gang members. 3 of the juveniles ended up going home, as they were just, “witnesses” not, “participants”…..the other 2 were arrested for PC245 (assault with a deadly weapon) and transported to juvenile hall. In april, the juvenile that hit me with the bicycle was arrested for gun possesion and a few other things….

So, moral of the story…..

1. Be ready for anything


3. Don’t fight with these kids….who knows about weapons these days…….

Ride safe, be aware and if at all possible ride with buddies.