Cycling blog roundup

If you are reading this, there is a fair chance you are a fan of cycling blogs.  Obviously I am…  So in true Follow Friday (#FF) fashion, I thought I share some of my favorite cycling blogs.  Well – favorite other than or that is.

The Lazy Randonneur is a recent discovery for me.  Based on the number of comments on the posts it appears to have a pretty active following.  While technically not exclusively about cycling (there are surfing, kayaking, snowboarding and other sports throw in there as well) that vast majority of the articles are indeed about casual cycling.  The author also has a rather extensive collection of photos and each post if full of images along with the text.


Australian blog Cycling Tips always has a well-grounded view on cycling, while tending to focus more on performance and racing.  While their logo is fairly simple, it has the distinction of being one of my favorite blog logos out there.  Oh yea – and they sell “Shut Up Legs” shirts.  How can you not like that


The prolific writer Richard Masoner brings us Cyclelicious.  While there is an emphasis on commuting and casual cycling, there doesn’t seem to be any area of cycling that the blog doesn’t touch on.  Cycling advocacy, racing, products – you name it and you can find something related to it at Cyclelicious.  Richard is also an avid photographer with an amazingly large collection of photos.  This blog also has the (perhaps dubious) distinction of being what inspired me to start the now-defunct blog which eventually evolved into  On twitter @cyclelicious.


With consistent daily updates that usually included an extensive collection of cycling related links after an interesting story, BikingInLA could easily be your starting point for any days cycle-related reading.  While the stories are usually focused on advocacy or the legal issues surrounding cycling, the links included in the posts cover the entire range of cycling interest.  If this blog isn’t on your list of regular reads, it should be.  On twitter @bikinginla


EcoVelo is an amazing blog catering to the classics/cycle chic/lifestyle cyclist crowd.  He also has some of the most beautiful photos of bikes to be found.  It is also the only blog on the list that exists at a .info web domain – which somehow just makes it cool.


Author of a book, writer for Bicycling magazine and freakin’ hilarious.  What more is there to say about Bike Snob NYC?


Twisted Spoke provides in-depth and insightful updates from the world of pro-cycling, all with the tounge firmly planted in their cheek.  Another one for the “hilarious” category.


Another great commuter-oriented blog is Bike Hugger.  I mean – c’mon…  Doesn’t the title of the blog say it all 😉


Well, that’s all for today.  This is obviously not an exhaustive list – there are hundreds of cycling blogs out worth reading (and a couple perhaps not worth reading.)  What else are your going to do with your time and internet connection when you’re sitting in your cubicle at work?