Floyd Landis Legal Team

Floyd Landis continues to have his name surface in cycling media, and it is doubtful that will change any time soon.  Ever since he leveled his original allegations at several American pro cyclists, he has garnered nearly as much media coverage off of the bike as he did on the bike.  Whistle blower to some, crack pot to others, and witness for the federal government – Landis will continue to be central in the world of doping investigations for the foreseeable future.  In that environment, it is no surprise at all that he would have representatives – legal and otherwise – working for him.

But this is Floyd we’re talking about here, and things are often not what they seem.

Enter Grey Manrod Associates:

Grey Manrod Associates dynamic Power-of-Attorney professionals deliver innovative solutions to the challenges encountered by some of the world’s most important people and Fortune 2000 companies.

In fact, reported communications between Floyd Landis and UCI officials have involved members of Grey Manrod Associates:

From: chade.o.grey@greymanrod.com
Subject: Thoughts
Date: February 18, 2011 12:41:06 AM EST
To: richard.t.manrod@greymanrod.com, Rolf Ditesheim, Philippe.verbiest@xxxxx.be, hein.verbruggen@xxxxxx.com
Cc: floyd landis

Dear Sirs,

I’m finally back in my NY office and able to access my corporate email account so I’ll take this opportunity to let you know that I represent Mr. Landis in the matter referenced in your recent emails received by him. I hope we can establish a relationship in order to bring this matter to a swift conclusion.

In the interim, while I await your response to my earlier emails I’d like to hear your thoughts on this article: http://road.cc/content/news/31…ry-him-texan-retires

As I suggested before, please let me know which part of Mr. Landis’ statements were untrue and provide evidence to support your assertion.

Also my colleagues at the firm will be corresponding with you on this matter as you’ll see by our website greymanrod.com that I am very busy dealing with fortune 500 companies and don’t have too much time to take on this matter. Please expect to hear from them as well.

Chade O. Grey

Are your red flags at full mast now? A lawyer named Chade O. Grey would be hysterically funny.  One that worked with Richard T Manrod – well, that defies belief.  And the fact that Grey Manrod Associates has a rather odd collection of “specialties” further adds to the confusion:

Areas of Focus inclde:

– Airspace Dispute Resolution
– Tribal Diplomacy, Bargaining and Agreements
– Vegetable Rights Abuse Advocacy
– Pronunciation Mediation
– Power-of-Attorney Solutions

Yup – the whole thing is a farce folks.  A ruse created by Floyd Landis (and apparently others) to add even more misinformation and obfuscation to this whole mess.  A recent posting to Outside magazine’s website actually goes into a lot more detail on this whole thing – and possibly sheds some light on Floyd’s motivations.

Some will argue that many of the points and details that Landis has communicated through this ruse are worthy of note.  That may very well be true.  However, what is most apparent to me is that Floyd Landis may have actually missed his calling when he started racing bikes.  Some of the stuff is pretty damned funny.  Maybe instead Floyd should have gotten into Comedy.  At least in Comedy “doping” won’t get you kicked out of your profession.  In fact, it may make you more popular.