Back from sabbatical

Well folks, you may have noticed the posts have been a wee bit thin and far between as of late.  Truth is I’ve been on sabbatical – which in my case means I’ve been pouring hours into my day job.  It has admittedly been a busy week – with a lot of late night scheduled work.  But there is a little more to it than that.  I started to skip riding to work because I was tired.  Then I started to get really crabby – because I was tired.  I work in computer systems, so the couple of minutes I did have away from work issues I just couldn’t bring myself to sit down and put together a blog post.  I wanted to get as far away from my computer as possible.

Something funny started to happen though.  The more I put off riding my bike, the more grumpy I became, and the less I wanted to ride.  I even missed my group ride this morning.

It is a phenomenon that I know is not unique to me.  I’ve heard many others talk about it too.  Cycling is just downright addictive.  Many of us that do it a lot actually find our moods heading towards the darker side if we don’t get to ride consistently.  Sometimes you’ve just got to push through.  Just like that point in the climb on your bike where the quads are burning and you really don’t care if you get to the top or not.  You just push through.  Just keep spinning the pedals.

So I didn’t ride today – and haven’t ridden for 3 days or so.  Tomorrow I’m going to get up and ride – even if it is only 15 miles.  I’m going to do a couple of hours of work in the afternoon, and I’m going to record for a podcast in the evening.  Then Monday morning I’m going to ride my bike to work.  I’m going to stop whining, and catch up on all of the cycling news I’ve missed over the last week.  I’m going to start writing articles again.  I’m going to continue the efforts to get Sacramento’s first Virtual Alley cat race off the ground (stay tuned for more on that!)  I’m going to continue to go to work because I also love what I do – and it helps pay the bills to keep me in lycra.

And I’m going to keep writing.  Only next time won’t be about why I’m not writing…