Just Another Cyclist Merchandise

Not sure if it is an act of extreme market cunning, an indication of hubris, or just an excuse for me to start buying stuff with images I want on them, but Just Another cyclist is proud to announce the launch of the online store!

First off – before any one asks, no I’m not trying to get rich here.  I am, however, trying to offset the costs of running the website.  Even more so, however:  it is just a whole lotta fun.  My own personal Just Another Cyclist (JAC) merchandise is already in the mail. I’m not only a writer, I’m also a customer.

Another advantage to taking the time to get JAC merchandise worked out now could potentially have benefits for all of you: contests.

And this is just the tip of the iceburg.   I’m currently looking into other products that readers may find interesting.

Your continued support is of incredible value to you.  I very much appreciate each and every one of my readers.  And to you regular followers, I offer a hint:

The first official Just Another Cyclist contest is right around the corner.  Here’s a hint to give you a leg up:  If you plan to win swag, you’re going to have to HTFU.