A cold, wet start to the cycling year

Yesterday I kicked off the year with Cycle Folsom and the “Chickens and a Bridge” ride.  As advertised, there were in fact chickens. Many chickens in and around Fair Oaks.  And after the chickens?  Yup – a bridge.

It was great to get out with the club and thumb our collective noses at the weather.  Low 40’s and raining didn’t thwart the group here.  The group did get broken up due to a couple of flats though.  First one was me, at just a mile or two in, where a piece of green grass managed to work its way into my Continental Gatorskins.

The previous flooding of the trail has subsided, but the rain kept each low spot in the trail diligently stocked with standing water.  All that water made the hot coffee and good conversation at the end of the ride all the more enjoyable.

Cycle Folsom operates out of Folsom, CA, offering organized rides for road cyclists of practically any skill level.  You can find them online at http://cyclefolsom.com