Boise, Idaho hosting new US Pro Team

Boise, Idaho has a new point of bragging – they are the home to one of the newest US professional cycling teams.

Team Exergy received a UCI Continential license for 2011.  This advancement from the Amateur ranks gives them a shot at some of the bigger races.

According to a report in the Idaho Statesman, the team’s Directeur Sportif is looking to establish a good record early in the season in a bid to win spots for both the Tour of California and the Quiznos Pro Challenge.

“We want to ride aggressively,” Hamilton said. “Even if we don’t win overall titles, there’s a lot of glory to be had in every race.”
Idahoe Statesman
Even before the official announcement of the license acquisition, Felt Bicycles was already on board as a sponsor.  The team’s Facebook page is also filled with photos and comments of some of their other equipment.
Current team roster:
  • Carlos Alzate Escobar (COL)
  • Kai Applequist  (USA)
  • Eric Barlevav (USA)
  • Benjamin Chaddock (CAN)
  • Matt Cooke (USA)
  • Andres Diaz Corales (COL)
  • Chris Hong (USA)
  • Sam Johnson (USA)
  • Quinn Keogh (USA)
  • Remi McManus (USA)
  • Erik Slack (USA)