GoPro going 3D

The GoPro Hero is undoubtedly the little camera that could.  While there are other helmet cameras available, the Hero seems to be dominating the market.  Its origins are from the surfing community, but this tiny wearable (or mountable) camera has found fans in nearly every active sport you can imagine.  Do a search on YouTube for “GoPro” and you’ll find videos that folks have made of themselves base jumping, driving race cars, paint balling, surfing, skiing…  Oh yea – and cycling too!

The big win with these cameras is there extreme light weight (5.9 oz), small size (1.6” x 2.4” x 1.2”) and waterproof enclosure that is good up to 180 feet.  And it is durable enough to handle just about anything you can reasonably throw at it – including crashes.

Now, GoPro has upped the ante slightly.  According to Fox news (really?) they are working on combining two of the cameras into a single functional unit – allowing you to make 3D movies.

Certainly stereoscopic cameras are not new.  However, GoPro’s approach of reusing their current camera in pairs brings durable, high definition 3D cameras to a place where all of us average folks can get their hands on them.  Couple that with the recent introduction of 3D specific television technology and your video of that epic descent on your bike may rise to new levels.