Team Radio Shack announces Tour Down Under lineup

Team Radio Shack has just announced their team lineup for the Santos Tour Down Under to be held in Austrailia in January.  That includes or still-not-quite-retired rider Lance Armstrong, who will also be participating in the Cancer Council Classic.

The full team for the first race of the 2011 Pro Tour is made up of (in alphabetical order):

  • Lance Armstrong
  • Manuel Cardoso
  • Ben Hermans
  • Markel Irizar
  • Robbie McEwen
  • Gregory Rast
  • Sébastien Rosseler
That’s right – Robbie McEwen.
The “two Robbies” – Robbie McEwen and Robbie Hunter – were picked up by Team Radio Shack.  The signing helps the two riders who found themselves out of options for riding at the Pro level when Pegasus Sports failed to procure a UCI Pro Continental license.