Yet more CycleFolsom goodness

There are cycling groups that just gather at some arbitrary place, at some arbitrary times, for some arbitrary ride.  And then there are groups that do a little bit more.  CycleFolsom is definitely one of the latter type.  It is the activities that go above and beyond just getting together and riding that can really set a cycle group apart.

Case in point was CycleFolsom’s recent Fix-a-Flat clinic.  The event, held at Folsom’s Coffee Republic, was skillfully lead by CycleFolsom’s own ride leader Brian.  Brian has a great, practical approach to things – both on and off the bike – making him ideal to speak about the very practical issue of dealing with flats on rides.

The event was very hands-on.  Participants were encouraged to actually take the wheels off of their bikes and go through the steps.  Brian even brought his own tubes to demonstrate the art of tube patching.  Many of us carry spare tubes and assume that we’ll always be able to pull a “fresh tube” out of our saddle bags and slap it in our tire. Why bother patching? However, anyone that has ever experienced the dreaded “multi-flat ride” can attest to the value of the knowledge of how to actually break out the vulcanizing compound and slap a patch on the tube.

For me, it is events such at this that really defined a successful cycling group.  If you just want to find someone stronger than you – a wheel to hang on to – or folks weaker than you – a wheel to drop to feel better about yourself – then those folks are out there.  However, if you want to be part of a group that is mutually supportive and help everyone by sharing knowledge and skills, then look to a club like CycleFolsom.  Obviously getting out there and turning pedals is absolutely key to being successful in the saddle.  But it is the knowledge, the skills and the experience that are just as valuable.  And if you can find folks that have already come by that knowledge and are willing to share it with you … well, that is something special.

But don’t just take my word for it.  Take a look at the thoughts of CycleFolsom member, and fellow cycling blogger, over at GroveTribe:

…I just have to say that the Cycle Folsom folks are a great group. Very fun to hang out with, willing to share their knowledge…

Her article at GroveTribe makes this article look like … well, look like I’m pedaling squares.  Go check out what those Groove Tribe kiddos are up to!

CycleFolsom is a cycling group based out of Folsom, CA.  There is a previous writeup on this group here at JustAnotherCyclist. I personally am an active member and ride leader for the group.