Bicycle Superhighways

Easter Bunny.  Tooth Fairy.  Santa Clause.  Bicycle Superhighways.

One of these things is not like the others, but not for the reasons you may think.

In an act that may feel like feasting in front of a starving person to some, Copenhagen plans to further enhance their near-legendary bicycle infrastructure and create Bicycle Superhighways.  Apparently Copenhagen is struggling with what some might consider the worlds best problem: so many people are riding their bikes that traffic engineers are now “forced” to figure out how to provide routes to move bikes in and out of the city more efficiently.

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The creation of bike highways “comes right on time,” says Danish Cyclist Federation spokesperson Frits Bredal. “Copenhagen’s roads are overloaded with people who want to ride their bicycles in all kinds of weather,” he says.

The transition from a road to a bicycle superhighway will include, among other improvements: timing the traffic lights to favor bicycles, and “bike paths will be widened up to four yards on either side of the road, which will itself will be reserved for buses only.” [*]