Using German Engineering to beat bike thieves

Thieves can’t steal what they can’t reach – correct?  That appears to be what a couple of German inventors are banking on.

They’ve created a bicycle lock that attaches to a light post and, using a remote control, will then lift the bike 15 feet up in the air.  The device uses what are essentially skate board wheels, electric motors and batteries to literally “drive” up the pole – all while the bike is attached.

The engineer side of me immediately wonders things like:

  • “What size pole is required?”  The video doesn’t make the device appear to be adjustable, and even shows them out on the streets measuring a light pole
  • “What is the weight capacity?”
  • “What’s the battery life?”  I assume it depends on how heavy your bike is.
  • And, probably most importantly, “What happens when the batteries go dead?