Why can’t we all just get along?

What is it about cycling that seems to churn so much controversy and soap-opera like conflict? Is it the international nature of the sport? Football (aka soccer) does seem to suffer from some of the same, but not nearly to the extent that cycling does. Tennis has the same problem, though. Maybe that is what is going on, cycling fans are like tennis fans, only there are a whole lot more people to get worked up about competing in the top events.

The frustrating part for me is that many in the cycling world seem to generate their own turmoil – as if doping allegations and personal feuds aren’t enough fodder already. Case in point, Neil Browne’s recent post to Versus regarding some nonsense involving a particular cycling photographer.  And of course, the name Lance Armstrong has to be sprinkled into the article.

My complaint about that post is that it seemed to be all about stirring up more noise.  It was basically a complaint piece about Graham Watson without a lot of useful information.  (Kinda like this post is a complaint piece about Niel Browne, I suppose.  Touché to those thinking that.)  I wrote it off as a gossipy distraction until I noticed the graphics of the page:

Seriously? I’m being encouraged to “Pick a side” or even “Fire it up!”  What are we – children on an elementary school playground?  If I want that kind of rousing I’ll tune into a Rush Limbaugh broadcast, or maybe attend a Stephen Cobert rally