Heading into the winter with 90 degrees

Well – I thought winter was on its way. But the last couple of days have put me into a tail spin.  In the 90s this weekend.  I’d also taken a couple of days off from the bike (yes – that does indeed mean my #15mpd slipped.)  The result – I actually felt better and stronger than I can recall feeling recently.  What gives?  The season winds down and I seem to be peaking?  Well, at least I can say I reaching peak performance just in time for Worlds.

Except, of course, I don’t actually race.  *Sigh*

Not only have I not been riding in the last few days – I haven’t been writing much here either.  Hell, I haven’t even been keeping up with my favorite blogs.  I did, however, spend some time watching my daughter kick some arse on the soccer pitch (Go Sac Blaze!)  I’ve spent some time with the family, and have been laying the ground work for some significant career changes.  (No – I haven’t turned pro.  Still holding out for the right contract.)

And thus I find myself once again on a train, trying to figure out what is going on the world of two-wheeled, pedal powered motion.

BikingInLA.com related a story that added some interesting perspective about helmets and low-speed impacts.  It would seem that helmets, in fact, may be once again rising in the heirachy of cycling debates as the discussion spreads to other forums.  It is indeed nice to hear cycling discourse on non-cycling specific web sites that is not all targeted to either Lance Armstrong, running stop signs or “all pro cyclists dope” rhetoric.  Speaking of Lance Armstrong, you apparently don’t need to be a Nike sponsored Texan to get Nike cycling shoes.  I’m not joking when I say I honestly didn’t consider Nike as a cycling shoe manufacture for anyone but those associated with Mr. Armstrong.  All the while I’m still suffering from pain due to my overly wide feet – my new Sidis still not meeting my requirements unfortunately.

And speaking of equipment not meeting needs, apparently I do not possess a multi-tool that has the necessary size hex driver for a loose crank arm.  This was unfortunately pointed out to me on Sunday’s CycleFolsom Groupetto ride, when I couldn’t help my poor fellow rider with just such an issue.  Looks like Topeak may have a tool that fits the bill.  My lack of a multitool wasn’t the only inadequacy deomonstrated to me, as Felonious Fast Phil once again whipped up a blistering pace as the Groupetto ride split not once, but into three different groups.  I completely popped trying to bridge back up to the lead group of OZ, Kevin and others that broke away after the final water stop.  To make myself feel better, I still keep telling myself that I took the mid-point sprint to Discovery park, though (More accurately I just stuck on other folks wheels and never felt any direct wind in my face – aka win by backhanded sneakiness)  Oh yea – did I mention that Phil was shaking a long walk out of his legs – a walk that took him to the freakin’ summit of Mt Whitney on the Friday before the ride??

I’m still trying to reach contacts from other greater Sacramento area cycling groups as I continue to research my series of writups. Hammerin’ Wheels – I’m looking to you now.  If any members are reading this, please get in contact with me – I’d love to talk to one of the leaders about the group’s history, focus and direction.

And finally, I’ve had my eye on MetriGear for some time – a startup company that was working on a product that embedded ANT+ capable power meters right in the spindles of pedals.  According to a recent announcement, they’ve now been purchased by Garmin.  The connection there is obvious.  What is unclear is what effect this will have on the time to market for the much anticipated (and somewhat delayed) Vector product.