Wanna tow 300 lbs with your bike?

Surly has introduced some of their new products – giving us a sneak peak at what will be available by next year.  Of particular interest to you utilitarian cyclists that like to use your bikes like pickup trucks are a new trailer, and some modifications to the Big Dummy.

First off – the Big Dummy.  For those unfamiliar, this is a production offering that has much of the same gear sold as a conversion kit by Xtracycle, inc.  However, the Surly offering packages it along with a frame purpose built for the application – taking out the guess work and shop skills necessary with the conversion methodology.  Modifications from last year include:

No more swoopy top tube (come on, get over it.) New straight top tube increases torsional stiffness, reduces weight (a little), and is theoretically stronger. Standover is about the same.

New spec brings complete bike price down – Deore, Truvativ, etc – still Surly approved for durability.

Frameset MSRP: $950  Complete bike MSRP: $1840

However, if you’re a serious cargo-hauling badass, their new trailer offering is claimed to haul up to 300lbs.

Again, from their release:

It will haul 300lbs of stuff

Two lengths available – short (32” – pictured) and long (64”)

DIY mounts all over it. Make your own bed, add some uprights, strap down your friends

16” heavy duty wheels

Check out what they have to say on their blog – more details on these products, as well as information on other new products, or changes from the current offerings.