Getting Schleckered

Andy Schleck found himself and fellow Saxo Bank teammate Stuart O’Grady with some unexpected time off recently.  Riis has thrown the pair out of the Vuelta a Espana squad for breaking team rules.  The rule that was broken: no going out a getting Schleckered at the bar.

OK – so there is really no indication that they were actually getting drunk.  However, Andy and Stuart were apparently found in a bar having “a” drink after the team dinner.  According to a report in the Telegraph:

Saxo Bank riders are allowed to take a glass of wine with their evening meals during competition but extra alcohol away from the dining table is strictly prohibted

This has all the earmarks of a “There’s more to this story than that” scenario.  This does, however, represent the second major race of the year where one of the Schleck brothers as found themselves in GC contention without the aid of the other brother.  First Frank Schleck broke his collar bone and was unable to assist Andy in his Tour de France attempt, and now Andy will not be able to support Frank in his Veulta run.