Anyone have the 3 mil € for Cancellara

Bjarne Riis – manager of Team Saxo Bank – may be changing riders faster than some can keep track, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t know how to run a team as a business.  His remaining star rider (not to be confused with is new star rider) Fabian Cancellara still has one year left on his contract.  Due to this contract, and a couple of comments made by Fabian during the initial round of speculations about the Schleck’s new Luxembourg team, it was mostly assumed that Fabian would remain with Riis for the remainder of his contract.

However, comments made by Cancellara himself on his own website have again spurred the rumor mills.

[Translated to English]

And then I often think of the next season. It is an open secret that other teams look for me. I must say that there quite exciting ideas are in the process I would also open up interesting prospects for the longer future – that is also about cycling -.

Since I usually speak an open communication to Bjarne Riis, of course we have about this situation.  I am pleased that Bjarne is the Vuelta and then we can discuss our ongoing issues.  So I hope that I know is after the Tour of Spain as my form and where I will go next year.


Now, it appears that Riis has actually decided on a price for the contract on one Fabian Cancellara.  That price: 3,000,000 € – essential the price that isn’t a price.  It appears highly unlikely that any team is going to fork over that amount of money for the contract of a single rider – even one as successful and sought after as Fabian Cancellara.  But then again, this transfer season as been filled with rumors of things that didn’t happen that could have, or things that should have happened that didn’t.